Supplementary Figure 2. chr3:179470567-199411732 chr3:159529393-179470566 chr3:139588219-159529392 chr3:119647045-139588218 chr3:99705871-119647044 chr3:79764697-99705870 chr3:59823523-79764696 chr3:39882349-59823522 chr3:19941175-39882348 chr3:1-19941174
Supplemental Figure 2. Comparison of Physical and Genetic Map Distance.
Markers from the deCODE genetic map were localized to the sequence and the genetic and physical maps were aligned from the telomere of the short arm to the telomere of the long arm. The position of each genetic marker on the female (red), male (blue), and the sex-averaged (gray) genetic map is indicated. ( The above image is linked to the Human Chr 3 annotation data deposited in Genboree. )